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With all the same great features of the original EasyFit Full Face Mask, the EasyFit SilkGel® also brings an ultra-soft coated mask cushion and forehead pad. The EasyFit SilkGel® features redesigned headgear for a more secure fit and ease of use. The unique, scallop-shaped cushion design was created through computer analysis of facial characteristics from 50,00 individuals globally. 

Active sleepers will appreciate the accommodating ball-and-socket joint at the tubing connecter that allows the patient to move with ease and comfort.

DeVilbiss EasyFit® SilkGel Full Face CPAP Mask

    • Particularly soft replaceable SilkGel® cushions and forehead pads.
    • Manageable headgear with color-coded Velcro®.
    • Adjustable and customizable forehead support.
    • Quiet exhalation system for bed partner and patient to sleep peacefully.
    • Headgear is included with this mask.

    Please choose a size option when ordering. 

    • Sizes available are:
    • DV97418 – Small
    • DV97428 - Medium
    • DV97438 – Large
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