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The Fisher & Paykel FlexiFit 432 Full Face Mask, is the second generation full face CPAP mask from Fisher and Paykel. This Full Face mask incorporates a soft foam cushion that works together with the highly contoured silicone cushion to provide improved sealing technology and a more comfortable fit. With the addition of a new foam cushion, this full face mask can help those patients who find that the silicone cushion alone does not seal correctly. The FlexiFit design decreases the leaks CPAP users often face. The Fisher & Paykel FlexiFit 432 can be used with any manufactures CPAP or BiPAP machines.

Fisher & Paykel FlexiFit™ 432 Full Face CPAP Mask

    • FlexiFit Technology - Combines silicone and foam cushions for maximum comfort.
    • Unique Glider Strap.
    • Under-the-Chin Design.
    • Advanced Bias Air Diffuser.
    • Crown Strap on the 4 point headgear provides extra stability.
    • Easy to release headgear - no daily adjustments required.
    • Can be used with all CPAP and BiPAP machines.
    • Replacement parts for the FlexiFit 432 available.
    Please choose a size option when ordering. Sizes available are: HC432AS - Small 
    HC432AM - Medium 
    HC432AL - Large 
    HC432AXL - Extra Large
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