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The HDM Z1™ Travel CPAP with PowerShell™ Battery Kit is compact yet full of every comfort found in the full size CPAP units. Unlike the full size CPAP units the HDM Z1™ Travel CPAP truly will fit in just about any bag such as your laptop bag, backpacks, tote, etc., just pack it away and begin the journey. The unit is so lightweight, the user will forget the HDM Z1™ Travel CPAP is there until it is time for bed and therapy. The unit offers carefree travel, comfortable and compliant therapy as well as discreet healthcare treatment.

HDM Z1™ Travel CPAP with PowerShell™ Battery Kit

SKU: HD60-1010
    • Save $25 buying CPAP and Battery Bundle now!
    • Smallest CPAP available!
    • Free HDM Data Viewer Software
    • PowerShell™ Portable Battery for up to 8 hours at 14 cm pressure
    • True compact CPAP therapy
    • Pack this CPAP machine in almost any bag
    • Quiet operation for a completely restful night of therapy
    • Includes 2 HME adapters for humidification
    • ZBreathe Pressure Relief system
    The HDM Z1™ Travel CPAP PowerShell™ comes with a power and compact battery that will last up to 8 hours at 14 cm of pressure. CPAP users often find themselves looking for options to go camping, overnight trips, and other situations that will warrant use of the CPAP without access to an ongoing source. The HDM Z1™ PowerShell™ with battery has it covered. Take the HDM Z1™ Travel CPAP with PowerShell™ on every trip and leave the worries behind. 

    ZBreathe™ pressure relief makes certain the user has a non-invasive yet comfortable night of therapy. The HDM team of developers knew the importance of including a pressure relief feature for CPPA users who have difficulty getting acclimated to air pressure blowing directly into their nose and/or mouth without relief. Therefore, when developing the smallest CPAP introduced to the market to date, the Human Design Medical team made the ZBreathe pressure relief technology standard. The pressure relief feature can be set between 1 and 2 which determined by the user. When ZBreathe™ is set to one, the prescribed and set pressure will decrease by 1 cm of pressure; set at two the pressure will decrease by 2. Once the Zbreathe™ pressure relief detects the exhalation of breath the unit reacts as soon as the user inhales the pressure returns to the prescribed/se pressure. The user will appreciate the smooth transition and non-invasive transition of the HDM Z1™ Travel CPAP with ZBreathe™ pressure relief.

    How discreet can a CPAP be? Well the question has been answered with the HDM Z1™ Travel CPAP with PowerShell™ Kit. Taking the CPAP discreetly through an airport is usually not going to happen because the bags are usually so bulky and stand out. With the HDM Z1™ Travel CPAP a user can simply slip the unit into any bag used for travel. The unit weighs less than one pound at only 10 ounces. The traveler will never skip a beat or even notice the HDM Z1™ Travel CPAP has been added to the bag. Worry-free travel, discreet therapy, and compact trips are just that simple with the HDM Z1™ Travel CPAP with PowerShell™. 

    The Human Design Medical team did not forget that some CPAP users require humidification during CPAP therapy. The newest humidification technology available for compact CPAP therapy is available with the HDM Z1™ Travel CPAP with PowerShell™, a HME (humidification moisture exchange) system. This simple yet power adapter is included with the purchase of the unit and is easily attached to the CPAP tubing. Once attached to the tubing and mask the HME will use naturally generated heat to deliver moisture to the user during CPAP therapy. 
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