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The Aloha™ attributes include a unique and exclusive system that allows the patient to adjust the angle and depth of the nasal pillows therefore improving comfort. With the adjustable pillows users will also improve the seal allowing for less leaks. The Aloha™ presents a unique ball-and-swivel joint, along with a hose swivel that adapts to the most active sleepers. Extremely lightweight and quiet!

RespCare Aloha™ Nasal Pillow CPAP Mask System

    • Arced-Track™ technology allows the angle of the pillow reservoir to be adjusted for a more customized and natural fit.
    • Three pillow cushion sizes included to ensure a proper fit.
    • Adjustable CPAP hose can be worn over the head or down the chest.
    • Wide-set headgear to minimize face contact.
    • Angled exhalation port to decrease discomfort and disruption for the patient and/or bed partner.
    Sizes included: Small, Medium, Large
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