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The FitLife is an excellent choice for low and high pressure CPAP users who are mouth breathers. This is the latest version from Philips Respironics and the only "Total" Full Face CPAP mask on the market today. This CPAP mask, having a universal tubing connector, can be used with any manufactures CPAP or BiPAP machine.

Respironics FitLife Total Face CPAP Mask

SKU: 106080x
  • The Philips Respironics FitLife "Total" face CPAP mask provides a solution for those who have trouble wearing conventional full face CPAP masks. Facial hair, dentures, nasal bridge breakdown, facial irregularities, and claustrophobia are issues that can greatly impact the ability to establish effective therapy and comfort.The Philips Respironics FitLife CPAP mask offers a solution for men and women facing these challenges. It quickly establishes a robust seal around the less pressure-sensitive perimeter of the CPAP users face, while maintaining an unrestricted view. Easy to use quick release snap clips and advanced headgear makes application and removal a simple process.

    • Large surface area equalizes pressure and flow inside the CPAP mask, minimizing eye irritation.
    • Built in entrainment valve triggers access to room air if pressure drops.
    • Cushion is integrated into the CPAP mask frame, reducing the number of parts.
    • Perimeter CPAP seal with soft silicone cushion fits quickly and evenly for maximum comfort.
    • Accessory swivel allows for greater tubing movement.
    • The newest "Total" full face CPAP mask
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