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The Respironics Integrated Heated Humidifier works with the REMstar Family of CPAP machines, including the REMstar Plus, REMstar Pro 2, and REMstar Auto. It will also integrate with the BiPAP Pro 2, BiPAP AutoSV, BiPAP AVAPS, and BiPAP Plus. 

This humidifier WILL NOT integrate with the Respironics REMstar Lite CPAP or with the M Series REMstar line of machines.

The Respironics Remstar Integrated Passover Humidifier works with all Legacy Remstar CPAP units and BiPAP Pro 2 models only.

Respironics REMstar Integrated Passover CPAP

SKU: 1011785
  • Features

    • Unique, tubeless design that works with the Remstar family.
    • Its simple rubber coupling connection provides secure contact between the water chamber and the CPAP.
    • Clear, two-piece water chamber that's easy to fill and is dishwasher safe.
    • A lighted humidifier control button on the CPAP unit makes adjusting humidification levels easy.
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